Friday, February 19, 2016

Gluten Free Pizza

Yes, we are all guilty of it from time to time, craving things that is. You can remember what good food tasted like. You remember that perfect pizza crust loaded with extra gluten to make just the right texture.  Hey, I understand.  I'm that way, too. Whether it's good for me or not, if it was something I enjoyed as a child, then chances are I'm gonna want to recreate it. Why? Cause it links me to the past. It brings back many happy memories. Well, having said all that, it took me four years to get this one right. Its fresh, its corn and gluten free, and it has a good texture. Presenting...
Gluten Free Em's pizza crust.
1 1/4 cup freshly milled Lundberg organic brown rice flour
1/2 teaspoon arm and hammer baking soda
1 teaspoon active dry yeast (Optional. Just for flavor)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (I use California Olive Ranch brand)
3/4 cup whole milk greek yogurt (not fat free)
Oil and flour a pizza pan. I use the cheap one from dollar tree;) Place wet dough in the center of the pan in a mound. Flour the top of the mound of dough, and gently press it into each part of the pan working it from the center out. Top with your favorite pizza sauce and cheese. Add desired toppings and bake at 425° for somewhere around ten minutes. Watch that the crust does not brown to much. It should be lightly golden and the cheese fully melted.
The key to good pizza is using the greek yogurt, and not overworking the dough. Oh yeah,  and a little oregano (the pizza spice) in the sauce if you make your own. I hope you try this out with your kids, they will find it fascinating. Mine always do! Enjoy!

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