Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi, you may have seen me before writing on some other popular sights talking about my dedication to going gluten free. Just in case you haven't heard about me, I am a wife and mother who's health was decaying rapidly when at the age of 23 I decided if I did not do something soon I wouldn't be around to watch my children grow up. Doctor after doctor told me that they could not find anything wrong with me. After spending tens of thousands in medical bills, and my children's health decaying too, we decided to find out for ourselves what was wrong. Hours and hours of research and finally we found something interesting~gluten. We gave it a try and it turned our health around completely. I don't worry anymore whether this is my last year to live, I just enjoy life and thank God for allowing me to learn about gluten. If you are facing explainable health problems, I highly recommend that you look into it yourself. I have compiled a book with the information I learned from months of study about gluten, save yourself the trouble and read what I learned for yourself. Read my story here!

Gluten Freedom: Quick, easy recipes will get you into the habit of Cooking Gluten Free

Is all Gluten Free Cooking tough?
You may be one of those who has been gluten free for a few months, noticed a huge improvement in your health, but just can't seem to stay out of the kitchen because of all the neccessary preparation and clean up involved with gluten free cooking. I am sure you've asked yourself, "Is all gluten free cooking tough and messy? Isn't there anything out there quick and easy that tastes good and is good for me?" Well, I have got great news for you, there are lots of different meals out there that you can make that do not require hours in the kitchen! Thanks to Pamela's products, Udi's gluten free products and a lot of hard work and imagination, I can offer you some recipes to free you from your kitchen!
a gluten free pancake recipe
2 tablespoons raw flaxseed (not flaxseed meal, it goes bad to fast. Use raw flaxseed or golden roasted, perferably raw for the nutritional benefits as well as the longer life of the product. Bob's red mill carries this flaxseed.)
2 cups warm water
2 cups Pamela's baking and pancake mix (this stuff is awesome!)
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 egg
It is best to cook these pancakes on a large nonstick griddle that holds eight pancakes at a time. It speeds up cooking time as well as clean up. I use a Procter Silex, Hamilton Beach griddle. You will also need a good blender or your pancakes will not be very fluffy, instead they will be tough. I use a Hamilton Beach blender with wave action, it does great for making almond meal and chopping flaxseed.
Combine flaxseed and water in blender till flaxseed is chopped to desired size.(as small as possible)
Add Pamela's mix, egg, sugar, cinnamon and blend till smooth, about 1 minute at the most. Pour onto prepared griddle (425 degrees). Wait till brown to turn (you are working with a darker batter so in order for it to be cooked completely you need to wait till they get past the golden brown stage before you turn them). Let brown on other side then serve. Yields 16-20 4 inch pancakes. Like all pancakes if you want thicker ones just omit some of the water in the recipe, if you want thinner pancakes add water.
These have a delicous nutty flavor and can be enjoyed with butter and real maple syrup or honey.
A word of warning, if you haven't already checked your syrup, look at the ingredients. If you find natural flavors but don't want to throw it away, call the manufacturer. It is best to use real maple syrup, it is healthy and wholesome like all natural things usually are when used in moderation, and has just as much sugar as any other syrup unless you buy artificial light syrup. Honey is a great alternative to maple syrup.
EM Kennedy