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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Product Recommendation: Glutino Brand Wafers

When it comes to cravings, Chocolate might be the biggest for some of us. What about Chocolate with a crispy wafer inside!?! Yes, it's possible, and yes, it's gluten free!
Glutino is a brand that many of us trust for being strictly gluten free. That is all they make. So, cross contamination with gluten is not an issue with this brand. They do however use corn in some of their products, so heads up to all you parents of corn free the labels!
This treat is corn and gluten free, but does contain a small amount of dairy (milk). It is so crispy and chocolaty that you won't be able to just eat one, I promise! You may as well buy two boxes, because they don't last long, they are that good! They are one of those treats that you can feel good about letting your kids have. So, open a box, and share it with your loved ones!

Many Walmart stores sell them, Kroger, too. By clicking on the picture above you can go directly to Amazon and order your own at the best price. I use Amazon for a lot of what I buy, because it saves time and money.
Have a Happy, Healthy, Gluten Free day!
~Gluten Free Em~