Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taking Care Of Your Most Important Asset

It is proven scientifically that 70-90 percent of your immune system is located in your gut! No wonder us gluten intolerant people have auto immune issues! When food is not digested properly, the proteins can enter the blood stream through leaky gut and cause all kinds of undesirable effects. Inflammation, pain, nervous disorders, food allergies, depression, headaches, malnutrition and much more. If you are gluten intolerant than you already know that your gut has been compromised. You need to make an effort to heal this prized possession to prevent future problems from occurring.
First, find yourself a high quality digestive enzyme to take at every meal. This will help your stomach break down food proteins before they enter your intestine. There are several good ones on the market, but the two that I recommend are: Digest Gold and MAX GI. If you have an underlying yeast issue than I recommend starting with the more gentle Digest Gold before jumping into Max GI which contains oregano oil which might cause yeast die off symptoms. Of course, Max GI is the most preferred one because of the healing oils it contains.
Second, start taking a quality probiotic supplement. These can be found at your local health foods store in several different forms. Those who are allergic to milk can find that there is a coconut based one as well as a soy based probiotic available at most health food stores.
Third, eat right. This is so important if you want your body to heal. Eliminate all sugar except for those naturally found in fruit. Eat only whole foods. Avoid anything that is processed or contains preservatives. Go for raw organic vegetables and fruit as often as possible. There are enzymes found in raw produce that are destroyed when cooked. Go for organic grass fed meats, avoiding pork. Bison, Antelope, Quail and Lamb are good alternatives to just eating chicken and beef all the time.
Fourth, keep a positive attitude. All these changes might be challenging, but if you focus on what you are trying to accomplish it will be easier to keep trying. Healing takes time. Be patient. God knows how tough it is; ask Him to help you to keep the right attitude and never give up.