Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No More Gluten For Me

Okay, like we tried the gluten thing over the last few weeks to see if my boys had perhaps outgrown their intolerance. The oldest was alright just a little constipation. The middle boy was a different story. A little flair up of asthma. Belly pains. He has been weepy and moody. OK, no more for him. The littlest one just had stomach issues from it. We Still Need To Be Gluten Free! I was hoping that one day they would outgrow it, but obviously not yet.
Maybe you are like me and get frustrated about the inconvenience of it all. Hey, friend, there are worse things out there than having to avoid gluten. Live a thankful contented life, and thank God that you found a solution. Is gluten the enemy in your home? Maybe you would benefit from some of the research I had to do when I first went gluten free. Check out the different links on this blog to find a world of info to help you on your journey.
Have a happy healthy gluten free day!

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