Thursday, August 30, 2018

Product Recommendation: Golden Flaxseeds

My last product recommendation for this month is....
Golden Flaxseed!
This one wins over the regular brown flax because of its flavor. It gives the same texture when added to baked goods, and can still be used as an egg replacement when ground and mixed with water until goopy, but it tastes much better. It has a nutty flavor that I love so much.
I prefer to buy the whole flaxseeds and freeze them to keep them fresh. The ground ones usually go rancid fast. If at all possible buy from a store that refrigerates them. It is hard to find them where I live, so I usually order them online. The brand I trust it Bob's Red Mill. Other brands are out there but this one is my favorite.
Happy Baking!

If you order from Amazon, you can click directly on the above picture and it will take you directly to the product.
Have a Happy, Healthy, Gluten Free Day!
~Gluten Free Em~

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