Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Year's Resolution

You know, I have never made a new years resolution! In all my years of motherhood, you would expect me to have at least once, but I haven't. Why did I mention motherhood?  Because as mom's we tend to focus on our shortcomings, what we could have done better, how messy the house is, and are we feeding our family nutritionally enough... We can be really hard on ourselves at times, especially us food allergy and gluten sensitivity moms! We stress over all the details of food prep, are the kids getting enough social time around food, is there anything lacking in their diet, and so much more. My biggest concern is, What if my slip up causes an allergic reaction?
Hey, Mom, YOU AREN'T PERFECT, it's true, but all your kids see is a mom that loves them enough to keep trying inspite of failures, inspite of reactions, inspite of the restrictions. They see A MOM THAT LOVES THEM and they want to see you happy. The best way to win is to choose not to grumble about the situation. Instead choose happiness no matter the situation. Choose a smile. Choose confidence. Choose faith. Because the mistakes are naturally gonna happen, that's how we learn. We can't be perfect, but we can continue to do our best! YOU ARE YOUR CHILD'S HERO! Keep up the good work!

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