Saturday, December 1, 2012

Allergic Living

My life was miserable with my health falling apart until my husband talked me into seeing an allergy specialist. Over the course of several visits, testing, and reading of the results we found that I was allergic to many foods that I had eaten all my life! When did I become allergic to these foods? Was it there all along, causing those stomach issues, headaches, and fatigue? Was these foods the cause of my hospitalization for pneumonia as an infant? If only I knew. If only I knew a lot of things! Is my son's dislike for eggs, severe stomach ache from eating them, in spite of the fact that it was only a small amount, related to an allergy to eggs developing? As parents we wish we knew all the facts in order to keep our family safe. I personally went off of my "mamma instinct" when eliminating gluten from their diet along with mine. The results were phenomenal and the joy I receive from seeing my healthy little boys play like any other child, free from inhalers, free from diarrhea, free from steroids, it is just an answer to prayer! If you can relate to what I've wrote here you may benefit from reading Allergic Living. This website offers everything from seasonal allergies to food allergies, to gluten sensitivity! I was very impressed with the quality information offered here that I personally recommend them here on my blog. See if you can find a little comfort in understanding the allergies behind your problems. For a guide to understanding why to go gluten free, check out this new book, Could it be Gluten?

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