Saturday, December 1, 2012

It is gluten free!

Update: As of April of 2020, there are more gluten free brands than I can possibly include here!!! There has been a tremendous upgrade in food labels as well helping those of us who are avoiding gluten to be able to distinguish between gluten free and gluten containing foods. From online retailers, to traditional brick and mortar stores, gluten free products are blooming!

Is it gluten free? What a nerve racking question. Have you ever felt the rush of blood to your blushed face as you've had to ask this embarrassing question only to hear in response: What's gluten? Well you are not alone. There is an answer to solve this frustrating problem and that is to learn the different brands and which ones are safe! When reading labels you may still run in to a little gluten because of the "natural flavors" which can mean almost anything. I know it is frustrating when you call the manufacturer only to hear that they cannot disclose what the natural flavors are but they assure you it is not gluten. You practically have to take their word for it right? Not really, you still have your gut instinct. And when I say gut I mean your stomach. When you eat it take special consideration to the symptoms if any and make a note of it in your food diary. Try the same food again several weeks later and see if the same things happen. If you develop cramps, nausea or diarrhea trust your gut and don't eat it anymore. Once you have learned which brands tend to be gluten free your world has become a lot easier. Kind bars are all gluten free! Then you have Pamela's which offers a wide range of snacks and mixes and all of Pamela's products are gluten free! Then you have Chex gluten free cereals! Betty Crocker even offers gluten free cake mixes!

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