Saturday, December 15, 2012


New to gluten free? Need a helpful list of gluten free brand names? It took me months to figure out what was safe and what was not and I fully understand how it feels to be frustrated about this, so I have compiled a list of the different brand names for you. Save yourself the time and frustration and use this handy guide to make life easier!

Trader Joes they also carry gluten free pasta in store
Bush beans (only unseasoned not baked beans or chilli)
Kraft cheese (some of the soft cheeses may not be safe, look at the label to see the words gluten free)
Cabot cheese
Bob’s red mill flours (always look for the words gluten free, some of their products are not)
Bakery on Main
Most brand name canned vegetables (always read the labels)
Most  frozen vegetables (be on the lookout for the words “processed on the same equipment with wheat” or ones that include noodles or are breaded, these are not gluten free)
Most fresh meats (beware of precooked or meats with added ingredients like flavorings or spices or injected stabalizers, most will say gluten free on the package)
Most dried beans (beware of flavoring packets and always rinse and sort beans well)
Butter is usually fine just look at the packaging for allergy info regarding wheat. If it lists wheat, don’t use it
Planters salted cocktail peanuts and most of their other nuts (beware of seasoned nuts or trail mixes)
Hershey chocolate (except for ones that clearly state wheat on the allergy info)
Welch’s Jams and Jellies (always brief the label first in case things have changed)
Apple cider vinegar
All brands pure whole, 2%, 1%, and some fat free milk
Whipping cream (check the label to be sure, I have never seen any that was not safe but things can change)
Half n half (same as cream check the label)
Hunts tomatoes (beware of the sauce and some of the paste. Look at the labels. Most of the off brands are not safe.)
All brands fresh eggs
Most of the off brand apple juices are fine
Lays original potato chips

This is far from a complete list. I hope to make a more exhaustive list one day.

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