Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Gluten Free Meals

I know how hard it is to think of something to make for dinner when your diet is restricted. Just one thing like gluten can change everything in your kitchen, turning it upside down for a while. There are a lot of meals out there to choose from and if you use your imagination you will find yourself fixing up some really tasty things! There are a lot of wonderful recipes to be found! When your diet has to change all at once a lot of your favorite foods have to go, but not forever! Yes, I know there is no way you will ever eat gluten again without being sick, but you can substitute gluten free foods into your original recipes to make them gluten free! Here is one of my favorite meals:

½ to 1 pound of hamburger
1 cup onion and peppers combination
Cook these together until hamburger is ground finely and well done.
Cook 1 pound rice pasta till tender.
Add ½ to 1 pound grated cheese
1 can black eye peas drained
2 cups mixed vegetables
1 can asparagus spears
Add in hamburger mixture season with Turmeric and Parsley, salt and pepper.
Mix this up using each ingredient and then place in baking dish with canned, drained asparagus lining the top and some of the cheese on top. Baked it till cheese has melted. Fills a thirteen by nine pan.

This recipe gives you a well balanced meal with nutrition and great taste! Try it yourself today!
For more info on cooking gluten free, check out the book Could it be Gluten? on Amazon!

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